I extend my hearty good wishes to dear Swami Atmanandaji and pray that this Ashram may become a genuine place of sadhana for seekers of Truth from different traditions and that, it may further and foster love, understanding and harmony among individuals and within the society. I also congratulate Swami Atmanandaji and others who worked to build this Ashram as a place of spiritual sadhana open to all without any distinction of cast and creed.

There is one supreme Reality/Truth underlying all apparent diversity. In fact all the diversity belongs to that One without a second – ekam-eva-advitiya. This endless diversity is not the limitation but the glory of the infinite Lord who is the inmost essence of all beings. The ultimate aim of human life is to realize this timeless immortal Reality which is Life absolute, Bliss absolute, Truth absolute and Love absolute. By abiding in this absolute Reality alone one feels fulfilled in all the ways and for all the times.

Since this Ashram is a monastic (sannyasa) ashram, I would like to quote the third shloka of the fifth chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita which beautifully brings out the real nature of sannyasa:

“The one who neither hates anyone nor desires anything, should ever be considered a sannyasi. For, O Arjuna! Free from the pairs of opposite, such a one is liberated easily from the bondage.”

Ashram is a place where Seekers of Truth live together harmoniously in a disciplined way sharing and treading the path of God-Realization.

Of course, the methods, the nature of sadhana, the outer symbols of sadhana always differ from person to person. Acknowledging humbly that the differences in the various religions/traditions/paths/rituals/symbols are the wonderful glories of the infinite Lord, the respect for other spiritual paths is in fact, the respect shown to the supreme Lord.

The true saints of different traditions feel a natural spiritual affinity and brotherhood with all because they have tasted the ‘One without a second’. So there can not be disharmony amongst inspired sages. Actually, it is the religious leaders and general masses of different religious traditions, who need to develop tolerance, acceptance and respect for the other religious traditions. It may be mentioned here that there is complete freedom in Hinduism to choose the path of God-Realization according to one’s temperament or tradition. This spirit of tolerance and acceptance of diversity needs to be strengthened more and more. The saints and sages of different religious traditions can contribute a lot in this direction and promote interreligious harmony. A true spiritual life is the deepest spiritual meeting point of all humanity, and the Ashram life lived purposefully and rightly is a most conducive way for the realization of Truth and spiritual oneness of all beings.

May the Lord bless the Ajatananda Ashram, its monks and seekers who would live here in future that they be able to see the Light divine and radiate love and harmony amongst all beings.

My humble pranams at the holy feet of all the saints and sages present here and prayers for the well being of all.

Om shanti shanti shanti!