The God who is present everywhere in this human world of ours will also be present upon this occasion through His Pervasive Divine Presence. This will make the ceremony a Divine Ceremony.

Sri Swami Ajatanandaji felt the all-pervasive Presence of God and experienced His omnipresence while he was absorbed in his renunciation, in His Presence and his meditation. He lived a life where God-Realization was the centre of his experience. God’s all-pervasive Presence was the fact of his life.

The Sanskrit word ‘ajata’ means, ‘that which is not born’. It is the human body that takes birth. Swami Ajatanandaji did not identify himself with the body. He identified himself with the Immortal Soul which is all pervading, eternal, immortal and infinite. Time, space, birth or death do not have any meaning in this state.

I am bedridden due to my old age which has crossed ninety years. Otherwise I would have been present for the occasion. Nevertheless, my spiritual presence will be there on Sunday, November, 5th 2006.

I wish the entire function fullest success and may the hearts of all attending the function be elevated into a state where they feel the presence of Almighty God and Swami Ajatananda as well.

May the Ajatananda Ashram be a centre of prayer, meditation, God-absorption and spiritual retreat.

With regards, Prem and Om!

Yours at the Divine Feet of Holy Master Swami Shivanandaji.