Private Retreats in Rishikesh

at Ajatananda Ashram and Abhishiktananda Sadan (Ashram Guest House)

An important aspect of the life of Ajatananda Ashram is sharing its unique nature with others in the form of hospitality. However, there is provision only for a small number of guests in single accommodation. The Ashram caters for individual guests who are monastics or monastic-like seekers who wish to undertake a dedicated period of strict retreat. Due to the limited facilities of the Ashram and the need to maintain the monastic environment, the Ashram is unable to accommodate groups. The Ashram does not provide any activities as such (outside of the daily community meditation sessions); consequently, the environment would best suit those who are dedicated to pursuing a program of personal sadhana within the rhythm of the monastic environment and focused on the inner life.

Guests are asked to be prepared to live according to the monastic way of life, which involves operating according to the daily timetable; respecting the presence and privacy of the residents and other guests; seeking to see the best in others; accepting simple living; sharing in service (seva), usually in the form of a limited amount of daily domestic work; minimizing movement in the form of non-essential trips outside of the Ashram; valuing silence and solitude; and presenting oneself in such a way that the outer form reflects the inner dedication (namely appropriate dress and conduct). In the Ashram environment, the giving, the receiving and the offering itself are all considered Divine. Our words, thoughts and deeds are all a sacred offering in what is a sacred place.

Spiritual guidance can be arranged for those who wish; there is a substantial library of spiritual books, particularly on Indian spirituality which guests are welcome to access. There are beautiful riverside walks which can be taken by the nearby Ganga and a sunny garden and rooftop at the Ashram for some time spent outdoors.

It is necessary to apply to stay at the Ashram at least one month in advance. Please note that there is provision only for a small number of male guests in single accommodation within the monastic enclosure. However, Ajatananda Ashram will open soon an Ashram Guest House (Abhishiktananda Sadan) which will provide accommodation for both women and couples. You can discuss with the Guest Coordinator your interest in staying and together determine if Ajatananda Ashram may be able to meet your needs. The Guest Coordinator will be able to provide you with more information regarding life at the Ashram. To be accepted as a guest, a form of introduction is required, preferably from someone known to the Ashram. It is necessary as well that before applying to stay in the Ashram, the candidates should have already had some experience staying in ashrams and to have practised sadhana for several days or weeks at a stretch. Only those who feel that they can honestly and earnestly follow the code of discipline of the Ashram are suitable to apply for admission. You may discuss this with the Guest Coordinator. A donation from guests towards the Ashram is appreciated.

To make a reservation, please contact:
Guest Coordinator