Satsang Retreats
at Ajatananda Ashram

" You are the Truth ! "




                      from Satsang Retreat Participants


     “Once again I want to thank Swami Atmananda Udasin Ji and all the
     Ajatananda Ashram incredible team for this amazing satsang year, the
     second I am able to spend with you, this time from the first to the last
     day of the season. How to describe the energy of your ashram and the
     qualities of the teaching I am receiving? Blissful, pure, humble, open,
     generous, from heart to heart, deeply loving, whole with integrity,
     consistence and ethics…
     The Satsang Retreat in April was the last gift, before letting go of this
     daily appointment for a while....Be sure you will see me again in
     With sincere Love and deep Gratitude

                                                                                           Valeria Prem Jyoti 


     “The retreat was held within the field of Swami Ji’s gently blissful Presence.
     This was felt during the morning walks, the silent sittings, and the 
     held on the rooftop of the ashram, surrounded by the vibrancy of both the
     city and the Nature.  During and since the retreat there has been a clear
     dissolving of the sense of ‘me’, with a rapidly decreasing interest in sustaining
     any sense of separation and delusion, such is the clarity of Swami Ji’s clear,
     concise and precise pointing.  There is no room in the 
satsang for the unreal. 
     There is such gratefulness – beyond words – for Swami Ji’s unwavering pointing
     to That and only That. It is incredible.



     “Beloved Ones,
     Thank you so much! The Satsang Retreat was just great! It was an amazing
     and powerful time...
     All Swami Ji’s pointings and teachings were of a big help! Everything was
     organized with so much love and care! Deeply touched.
     Lots of gratitude!”


     “How can I express the gratefulness I feel deeply? It was such a blessing
     to live with you all during those precious days, serving together in all
     directions as needed…. I felt the beauty of the work of all, as a community
     (including all those dear volunteers of course), as love in action and the
     expression of Grace. It was so touching….I saw the gratefulness manifesting
     through the commitment of each one! It was also for me the opportunity to
     see and recognize some of the old patterns of mine, and letting them go in
     the flow of “what is as it is”, with humility and benevolence, coming back to
     the simple Presence.

      And the depth of the teaching, the beauty of the rooftop of the Ashram,
     the all-pervading
shakti (the inside as the outside), also experienced during
     the silent meditations, the Joy during the chanting and
arati, the wonderful
     silent walking meditations along Ganga river, the sweetness and generosity
     of the community expressing in so many ways, all those forms of this unique
     retreat were so conducive!

     One of the main gems I have received is to feel the deep call (I already heard
     many times in this life) to abide in the pure I-am-ness, the spontaneous
     Presence, as a priority. This is now the best I can “do”… or let it be, by giving
     all the awareness required.

     With all my love to you, dear Swami Atmananda Udasin and the community of
     Ajatananda Ashram! Thank you so much for welcoming us so kindly…
     May you be in peace, knowing how much you are blessed and under protection,
     in deep trust, confidence and Joy! ”
                                                                                                         Thérèse B.


     “A heartfelt Namaste to each and everyone! This retreat has made fluid
     the space between my heart and mind. I cherish the inner silence where
     ‘I AM’ reveals itSelf.
     The profound awareness made during the morning walks, the power
     of Swami Atmananda’s Presence and teachings throughout
     the love felt through meditations, the Presence encountered through
     the eyes of fellow participants, the mysterious divine energy through
     chanting and the joy in which the Ashram’s community members rendered
     their service to us, made this retreat a beautiful platform bringing us to
     abide in our true Presence. Until we meet again next year, Life willing,
     much love and gratitude to all. Hari OM! ”

                                                                                                         Miriam G.  


     “Thank you for the marvelous satsangs which are also darshans!
     Thank you for carrying us, through Grace, each day and making us
     more and more transparent….
     Thank you for the kindness, the beauty, the joy and all this Love….
     Thank you! ”

                                                                                                         Aude Marie T.  


     “I just wanted to thank you all one more time for the wonderful
     satsang retreat. You all did such a fantastic job making us all feel
     welcome and cared for, as you do every day at every satsang.
     It was an incredibly fruitful retreat for me and I feel like something
     has shifted in me. It has been easier to rest in Presence, even during
     a challenging 14-hour bus ride to Dharamsala!
     I am so grateful for the precious teachings and all the compassion
     and community!
     I hope to see you all again one day!”
                                                                                                         Parisa R.  


     “The retreat was absolutely wonderful. During these three days
     I didn't really see the time passing…I enjoyed every single moment.
     A loving atmosphere of intimacy and equality between all resulting
     in a very deep and intense inner experience based in natural simplicity.
     If I’m able to describe it.

     The teachings of Swami Atmananda Udasin are just so consistent,
     so direct, powerful and at the same time very accessible.
     Highly precious. Definitely rare!

     It was really inspiring to see the ashram brothers living in such harmony
     and union. Always so kind and dedicated. A special thanks to you dear
     friends for taking a great care of us! Totally beautiful!”
                                                                                                          Aline B.  


     “There is no way to say thank you for what is offered, for what
     is given with so much kindness and love in this sweet and peaceful
     place of refuge. The retreat nourished and filled me in many ways.”

                                                                                                        Shashi H. 


     “Once again, the satsang retreat has afforded a fantastic opportunity
     to re-orient the mind towards the truth of who I am, of what the
     world really is and of what life is really all about. The words expressed
     here, of course, cannot convey the enormity of what is unfolding and
     becoming clear. Waiting at Dehradun Airport yesterday and sitting on
     the flight there was only love and peace. Smiles melted boundaries.
     Nothing was really happening, just waltzing through a dream.
     How bizarre was that?

     Swami Ji has mentioned several times, with humour, that practising
     witnessing/atma vichara while driving is not the most opportune time
     for this sadhana. Actually, it has become one of the most sweet
     times in this practice: watching the mind's habitual responses to the
     never ending sensory input from the eyes and ears. And of course,
     it is also the perfect time to understand surrender and trust and realise
     who is truly controlling events of this drama. Que sera, sera!

     May all beings be wrapped consciously in Truth!”


     “I'd just like to thank you and the team for the wonderful Satsang
     Retreat. Notable are the generous hearts and high quality of
     everything that is shared with such openness and magnanimity.

     Particularly valuable for me was in getting a clearer sense of the
     ‘intender’ as the one who is not ‘I’. Not for the first time but each
     time the recognition goes that much deeper. 

      It was also very nice that you walked with us, meditated with us, led
      the singing chanting and shared tea and food with us. Gives feeling of
      inclusiveness. Om and warm thank you, thank you.

                                                                                                    Shiva Dhyan 


     “I will never forget you Swami ji and… wish all the best to you and all
     the wonderful souls that make the Ajatananda Ashram a place for
     the spirit to seek and discover their True Self.

                                                                                                          David K.


     Dear Friends,

     It can be very difficult finding a safe place to just be. To very simply
     just observe, and to observe with an open heart. The satsangs of  
     Swami Atmananda Udasin carved a very warm and sincere path to find
     such a place. And then we found that place in the unnoticed space 
     within which life is unfolding.

     Swami Atmananda welcomed us not just into Ajatananda Ashram,
     but to sit beside him in a lifestyle of pure awareness. After the three
     days had passed, I went to perform something as mundane as checking
     my email -- but unlike the countless times I had ever done that, there
     was this enormous canyon between the action, the actor, and my
     perception of it. And in that space, I found only devotion. I used to
     hunt for clever and innovative transcendental talks and lectures, and
     where Swami Atmananda quenches such a thirst, his penultimate
     darshan is his presence alone.

     It has been an absolute honour to have shared the peace that speaks
     at Ajatananda Ashram. Hari OM!
                                                                                                           Trip L.


     “Thank you again for the wonderful 3-day Satsang Retreat.
     The heart-filled energy of everyone from your ashram was
     so nice. So much detailed and thoughtful organization!
     And very valuable teachings of course! It was a special and
     impactful experience for me.”

                                                                                                          Vera H.


     “These 3 days were FABULOUS, a moment of Truth ...
     Hope to be back very soon!
     Thanks a million times!”
                                                                                                 Valérie V.


     “It was an honour to delve deeper into Presence with
     Swamiji. The retreat was very meaningful for me and
     helped to orient my approach to spiritual practice. I am
     very grateful to the Brahmacharis at Ajatananda Ashram for
     their generosity of spirit and kind attention and care of
     the retreatants.

     I am especially grateful to Swamiji for welcoming us all
     with such openness, like we were all members of one family
     of the heart, to the beautiful table of Truth! I highly
     recommend this retreat to anyone who resonates with
     these teachings and wants to explore this approach in a
     supportive community of like-minded souls.”
                                                                                                     Rebecca N.


     “Let me thank you all for the opportunity I have got to live privileged
     moments in the Ajatananda Ashram during this Satsang Retreat.

     These three days have been a wonderful combination of unique teaching
     moments with Swami Atmananda Udasin and good sharing moments
     with the community of the Ashram and the other participants to the
     retreat. The place offers the serenity and the quietness that makes us
     completely available to live something extraordinary.

     The retreat will be an important milestone on my path as spiritual seeker.
     Thanks to all for these good moments.”
                                                                                                    Christian D.


     “Namaste dear one(s),

     Thank you for sharing with us the Presence.
     The retreat brought a better understanding and viveka, also a field
     for experimentation, revealing the last things we need to detach from.

     Moreover, it was a great joy to be surrounded by your happy and
     conscious vibrations, which helped me to be in the heart.

     Meet with you again, 
     Kind regards and best feelings to all, ”
                                                                                                    Laurence W.


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